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Distilling the sleek style of contemporary London with centuries of tailoring heritage, CUT offers a minimalist take on classic design with stand-out, colourful accents. Look out for the quality in details such as the luxurious wool cloth, rainbow space-dyed Columbia stitching, piano facing with micro-designed linings and real horn buttons.


The wool that goes into tailoring a CUT suit is classified as Super 100s to 120s; this is a term that measures a wool fibre's diameter in microns. The higher the 'super' number, the higher the grade of fabric meaning that it is lighter and more flexible, making it softer and more resilient, but harder to tailor.

Columbia Stitching

Columbia stitching, or pick stitching, is found running along the edge of the lining within your suit jacket. In our jackets, we have expressed our contemporary creativity by space dyeing our yarn to give it a unique, vibrant rainbow effect.

Piano Facing

Piano facing is so named because the shape of the lining following the interior pockets falls in such a way that it resembles the curves of a grand piano.

Horn Button

Horn buttons are made from natural animal horn, so each have a unique colouration and pattern. All of our products have been ethically sourced, upholding the high standards of Austin Reed in every little detail.