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Getting the Right Fit of Suit

The perfect suit starts with the perfect fit. We've put together a few tips to help you when ordering from Austin Reed.

Choosing a Regular, Contemporary or Slim Fit Suit

Get the basics right with a suit, and it's easy to add personal style. At Austin Reed we offer three fit options, tailored for your shape and style.

  • Regular Fit

    Compared with our other fits, the regular is fuller in the chest, arms and legs, with the trousers sitting higher at the waist. Cut on our traditional 'Westminster' template, the regular fit offers the timeless style of a classically proportioned suit.

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  • Contemporary Fit

    Based on our 'Chelsea' template, contemporary fit suits keep the traditional proportions and comfort, but with a more fitted look. Cut a little closer than our regular fit, a contemporary suit offers a natural, athletic shape and modern style.

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  • Slim Fit

    Sleek and fashionable, our slim fit AR RED suits are designed to make a statement. The jacket is a little shorter and the trousers sit lower, while the body, arms and legs are cut close for a youthful silhouette.

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Bespoke and Made to Measure

For the ultimate fit based on your exact measurements, visit our bespoke and made to measure experts.

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